"There are no strangers here just friends you haven't met yet"

Fochabers Men's Shed

Due to Covid-19, we are not operating at Fochabers Men's Shed until it is safe to do so. We are still around though and emails are being monitored and responded to so please be patient. See you when its all clear


Q Who can use the Shed?

A Wherever you live if you can get to the Men's Shed you are welcome. Anyone can drop in to see what's going on. It is aimed at people of all ages and backgrounds.


Q How much does it Cost?

A Membership is free and there are no session fees. If you are working on your own project then you supply the materials.


Q Who runs the Men's Shed?

A A committee of local people elected by and with help from the members of the Shed.


Q Is it just for retired men?

A Absolutely not. It is open to people - all genders - who want to get more out of life, make friends, enjoy working on projects and hobbies or help others


Q Who is paying for this?

A The charity is funded by grants and donations from public bodies, generous local organisations, companies  and the Shed's supporters in the community. Members are invited to make periodic donations towards our costs.