"There are no strangers here just friends you haven't met yet"

Fochabers Men's Shed

Due to Covid-19, we are not operating at Fochabers Men's Shed until it is safe to do so. We are still around though and emails are being monitored and responded to so please be patient. See you when its all clear

Bill Walker

Bill was one of the founding members of the Moray Men's Sheds back in 2012. Sadly Bill passed away on Tuesday 4 April 2017. He was an early committee member when the organisation was created. He was a true gentleman as well as a gentle man. He always had a friendly greeting and a warm smile for everyone. His enthusiasm for the Shed and Shedders and his commitment to the ideals of the Men's Shed was steadfast and proactive. He never complained about his serious illness which he endured for a long time and was a quiet inspiration. We shall not see his like again, and he is sorely missed.


Absent Friends

George “Tosh” MacIntosh

We have lost our friend and Shedder, Tosh. He was instrumental in getting this website built up, with his son, and I spent many happy hours in his shed at home learning the software and setting the style of our web presence. Of course, not all the hours were spent on IT; Tosh had been a Regular soldier and a piper and had many tales of being asked to play at important events. Once you had Tosh’s friendship, he was a staunch and loyal companion, and nowhere was this more obvious than in his Regimental Association, where he also ran their website.

Apart from website building, he was a talented photographer and did some professional work in that field and donated us a set of studio lights when he found that his Regimental workload got heavier and stopped his studio work.

We will miss him, because he was a presence all of his own, he retained the regimental swagger he had learnt as a piper and could be relied on at meetings to give us his opinions and advice and was always ready to volunteer to do a task or help out if it came into his skillset.

The Shed -and the world - is a wee bit quieter without him; Fois dhut, Seoras Nic an Tòisich

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